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Burlingame Fitness culture

Burlingame Fitness is about providing the best atmosphere with the most experienced Fitness Professionals to help you get the most out of your life. The environment we create is one of an open-minded, innovative approach to fitness, where Health Coaches interact with those that they work with in a friendly and inviting way.

Why Us?

Our Health Coaches and Wellness Practitioners are the best in the world, they have been chosen for their intelligence, integrity, compassion and commitment to excellence. Each one has undergone an extensive training mentorship with Burlingame Fitness and all are certified by one or more internationally recognized educational bodies such as Chek Institute, Gray Institute and Z-Health are some examples. The success and reputation of Burlingame Fitness is built on our ability to consistently deliver incredible results and experiences for our clients. With each member of the team committed to ensuring you experience excellent health and achieve a healthy lifestyle.


"Set your bar high. Be kind and do more of what makes you stronger."

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