Specific Programming with you wherever you are.

Specific Programming with you wherever you are.

Training with B-fit Remote Coach means working out with guidelines set by your very own personalized training Coach.

Based on your fitness assessment you and your Coach learn from your feedback as you complete intervals, drills and movements to curate a training plan tailored towards your specific capabilities, goals and preferences.

Using the most advanced delivery system in the fitness industry, your program is constantly shifting to match your exact needs.

  • Personalized training plans match your fitness level and goals

  • Proven powerful exercises deliver noticeable results in less time.

  • Coaching adapts as you progress.

With your Training Journey, you can choose how often you want to train, whether you want to use equipment and even how long you want to train for - so there's no reason to miss a workout day.

Curious about what's next? Here's our step by step guide to using your B-Fit Remote Coaching platform. The first week is free!

1. Choose your preferred Coaching option below. You'll need to sign up or log in.

2. When you sign up, you will receive an email asking you to confirm your registration. Click on the link in the email. Then follow the prompts.

3. Download the app HERE, sign in with your registration details and let the training begin!

4. We know that you’ll love this service so we want you to try it for a month for free!

Bronze level

$5 per day or $150 monthly

  • 3x per week programming.

  • No nutrition programming.

  • No recovery programming.

  • Least amount of specificity.

  • 2 x monthly email

Copper Level

This level of care is $10 per day or $75 weekly.

  • With the Silver Level you can expect 5 days per week programming.

  • Basic Nutritional Guidance provided in .pdf format

  • More general programming than Platinum Level.

  • Call/ FaceTime 1x monthly.

  • Email 1x monthly

Differences between Silver and Platinum Level Coaching

  • Less Specificity

  • No Recovery Programming

  • Less Coach Availability

  • Generalized Nutrition Programming

  • Specific windows for communication

Platinum Level

With the Platinum Level you can expect 7 days per week fully programmed:

travel accommodation, nutrition, recovery & the highest level of specificity. Proactive outreach from Philip or the team. Collaborative Programming. A la carte Q&A access whenever you need it. Contact as needed and on the fly.

This level of care is $14 per day or $100 per week. When broken down this is around 12% the cost of a live session.

  • $400 monthly

  • $160 per session